At the end of the year, this article is based on a tradition that shares your thoughts about the digital marketing trends in the coming year.

More than a century ago, the 10th edition of the digital marketing market, 2018, turns out to be more widely used by the chambers, marketers are able to do more without engineers, and instagrams of growth are realistic.

In 2019?

  1. Marketing Marketing is a new generation marketing
    Communication marketing is considered as the most popular marketing topic throughout the world. It is a form of marketing to create a 1: 1 relationship with each user. Messengers (Facebook Messenger, Viber, Wechat, etc) are used to create direct marketing relationships with users, such as phone calls and messages, chat websites (Livechat), and e-mail.

Relationship marketing depends on where the customer is, when and what they use. Prior to this, the user simply dubbed the number provided by our number, but nowadays some of them prefer to write directly to their favorite Facebook messenger. If you use Twitter, you can type in DM, it’s best to write an email, and some will still be able to call it directly.

Today, users expect a quick and meaningful response to the questions they have. In order to provide meaningful answers, the CRM system (Customer Management Management System) is an integral part of the data that the user has previously established and relationships. Users who interact with the CRM system do not need to repeat what they have said before or after, and it seems like they are in contact with someone who has short-term memory.

It’s difficult to create a fast-track relationship with multiple users. The number of employees of any organization is limited. However, in recent years people have emerged as an instant messenger for marketing, as well as great marketing opportunities for chat marketing and artificial intelligence. Technology is cheap and easy to use. Today’s technology is not a major issue, but it’s more important for us to make effective communication with users.

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So, in 2019, businesses are more concerned with how to make and communicate with your users the better and wisely.

  1. Make video marketing available
    While the video is not new, it has become more and more diverse. In recent years, we’ve seen 3D, 360, VR, AR, Live technologies become realistic formats for video marketing. Especially Facebook Live can be very effective in our market.

In 2019, it will take years to focus on optimizing the feature of the platform. The vertical video is expected to be more popular in the upcoming year than in the vertical format because of the smart phone. Of course, zero-square formats can be effective.

  1. Digital History or Digital Storytelling
    The complexity of today’s society becomes more and more simple. The easiest way to communicate, communicate, and influence any ideas, messages, and content is to tell a storytelling. Everyone loves storytelling and listening. Users can tell their story about how close they are to touch, communicate, and influence. We have been focusing on promoting our products over the years, making it a product-focused marketing company.

There are many ways to tell the story. Videos, direct programs, case studies, interviews, articles, news, etc. In recent years, social platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram have enabled people to create a Story, especially for new ones. Your organization can even take your own stories in this format. Every 24-hour-old man is born with a desire to see interesting stories before they’re destroyed.

  1. Customer experience is also a new generation of marketing
    Customer Experience, Experience or Customer Experience arises from your business, brand-based marketing, sales, and service relationships. The tone and effectiveness of the caller’s response to the caller’s initial call. It is important for you to respond quickly to messenger. It is also important for salespeople to recommend suitable products and services. When you get a good meal in the restaurant and take good care of you, you’ll be left with no clean snow or glaze on the ice.

What can you do in 2019 to make user experience better? According to Forbes, the following three things should be noted:

Maintain all communication data with the user in one place. The user can contact you via web chat. Then call the phone. Recently I came in via a messenger. Although the above-mentioned relationships have been entered in different channels, they have the user